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Our Values

We respect all people, their ideas and cultures. We welcome originality and creativity. ​We think outside the box. We encourage innovation.

Everyone deserves to discover and explore their minds and skills in an environment that is welcoming and easy-going.


A model of a paddleboat, one of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions. Image courtesy of Wise Monkeys Abroad.

Da Vinci Hub offers learning opportunities that are interactive and different.

Shop 1, 239 Great North Rd

Five Dock NSW 2046

Da Vinci Hub aims to create an environment that inspires, engages and connects. 




Many minds. Many interests. One community.

Da Vinci Hub

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Why Da Vinci Hub?

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We believe that learning is fun, enjoyable and rewarding when fostered in the right environment. Learning is part of life and being part of a community.

Da Vinci Hub will change how you view learning.